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Interpreting the Word I: Principles and Procedures

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The overall objective of this course is to gain skills and insights for identifying the author's intention for writing as it is expressed in the text he has written as the determinant of meaning.  Then, out of that meaning, the objective is to determine the significance of that text for today.  Specifically, this means that each person studying the course would:

  • Develop a basic conviction in the importance of handling the Word accurately, paying careful attention to the author's intended meaning as expressed in the text as the determinant of meaning rather than our own preconceptions.

  • Gain a basic grasp of the discipline of hermeneutics (the art of interpretation), thus equipping the student with the foundational principles essential in interpreting and validating the author's intended meaning expressed in the text, as well as translating its relevancy to the twenty-first century.

  • Gain a basic grasp of the discipline of exegesis (basic procedures for studying and interpreting the Scriptures) as well as a basic proficiency level which demonstrates an ability to accurately draw out the author's intended meaning from the text and relate it to the twenty-first century.

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