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Paradigm Resources

Develop your understanding of the global church-based theological education paradigm.

The Paradigm Papers

The Paradigm Papers, written and delivered over a five–year period, move across the full spectrum of theological education—from the training of children to the training of older adults. As the Church moves into the postmodern age and culture shifts to a technological society, the Church will face challenges it only faces once every 400 years. These papers, read as a whole, provide a unique guide to the Church of the 21st century—as we educate our children, as we reeducate adults, and as we train a future generation of pastors and missionaries.

BILD Encyclicals

These nine encyclicals, written by Jeff Reed, serve as a modern-day set of papers intended to be widely circulated amongst churches, challenging them to return to New Testament principles—the way of Christ and His Apostles––in every aspect of the planting and establishing of churches around the world. The issues addressed in these encyclicals are of fundamental importance to seeing sustainable and thriving church networks and movements emerge as we see unparalleled growth and expansion of the gospel worldwide.